Pediatric Dentistry in Iran

Hello everyone, My name is Ali Baghalian and I am board certified pediatric dentis

and faculty member of Pediatric department at school of dentistry Tehran university of Medical Sciences and and as resident of United States I have also passed National Board Dental Examinations of United States in 2014 and 2015. I have also earned Fellowship of hospital dentistry in 2017 and at present I am also director of Hospital dentistry fellowship of TUMS

As from my own experience of living in a foreign country, I know that this condition is really difficult especially when you come across with medical or dental problem. The reason for producing this video is that I want to make you sure that me and my team are completely ready to support and do our best to treat your children’s dental problems

Treating dental problems of children is very challenging but we are expert in using different behavior shaping techniques to make it easier for children to accept the treatment and at the same time creating pleasant memories for children. We generally use psychological techniques and try our best to form friendship with the children and we believe making the suitable connection with the children is the first step toward a successful treatment


We really try our best to do the best treatment in our office with different psychological techniques, however this sometimes does not come true and in case of failure of psychological techniques another standard and accepted treatment protocol in pediatric dentistry is doing treatment under general anesthesia (GA) or Sedation, and As since I have Fellowship of hospital dentistry, I am also aware of different techniques of sedation and GA in case of needing treatment under GA or Sedation. Hospital dentistry is usually considered for very young children in need of extensive dental treatment who are too young to cooperate during routine in- office treatment

Here in my office I want to make you sure that we try our best to do the right and proper treatment for your dear and sweet children in the shortest possible time and since I strongly believe we should visit dentist before any pain occurs in children I encourage you to make a short visit to our office in order to become aware of your children mouth and teeth condition. At the end I want to say that in case of any question call to the cell phone of our office and we are ready to talk with you in English

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